Toys (2016)

Oil and latex paint on cow hide with wood gold frame

35 in x 47 in


Untitled I (2016)

Gold acrylic paint on blue enamel paint background, on canvas

19in x 14in


Self Portrait (2016)

Acrylic gold and black oil paint on blue enamel paint on leather

54in x 42 in


Black Movement (2016)

Black oil paint on nude color enamel on leather
59in x 45 in


Black and Gold (2016)

Black oil paint and gold acrylic paint, on canvas

48in x 23 in


Speed (2016)

Black ink and white enamel paint with red oil paint, grey enamel paint background, on wood

76in x 39in


House Party (2016)

Red oil on white acrylic paint, on black wood board

46in x 46in


R for Red (2016)

White and red oil paint, gold acrylic paint on green cow hide with gold wood frame

35in x 47in



Red Bird (2016)

Red watercolor on black tar background, on oak wood

25in x 49in


Untitled II (2016)

Nude and blue enamel paint, acrylic gold paint on black tar background, oak wood

29in x 35in


GREEN ( 2016 )

Green and yellow enamel paint, red, white & black oil paint on raw canvas.

112cm x 305cm